Atrimed Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. is promoted by health care professionals with vast experience in India and other parts of the world. The directors are individuals who are actively involved in research and developmental activities.

Atrimed is backed by research and development activities carried out for more than 15 years and started marketing its products in 2003. Supported by motivated and empowered professional staff working in various departments, Atrimed is a strongly knit organization, creating environment for innovation.

Quality and Ethics are innate to the organization at Atrimed. Accredited with ISO 9001-2000, Atrimed has policy and procedures to preserve the highest quality standards , assured therapeutic efficacy, immaculate packing and appreciable sense of aesthetics. Products tailored to the needs of customers have made Atrimed a preferred company among doctors and patients.

Professionals at Atrimed are constantly in contact with customers across the globe and continuously innovate to add features that cater to the growing demand of the customers.


Scurfol Topical

Moish Lotion

Prunilol Capsules

Doctors have a special place at ATRIMED. The medicines are formulated after discussions and inputs from doctors concerned the patient's needs. We welcome feedback and
inputs from doctors regarding our products, about diseases or any other issues. It is also our pleasure to create a community of doctors who could interact with us regarding
healthcare issues through our website. We have provided a discussion forum exclusively for doctors to post their views and express their opinions.

Our Business segments are as follows

Biomedical drugs : We have more than 65 molecules of Biomedicine. These products are spread across antibiotics, pain management and general medicine.

Herbal medicine : We are the pioneers in herbal therapeutic products. We have unique 45 herbal therapeutic products in the market. The skin care and general products are brand leaders in their own segments.

Therapeutic cosmetic products : We make more than 100 cosmetic products with therapeutic value to cure the problem and not merely a surface cure.

Nutrition products : The innovative nutritional supplements are designed to cater to India and other countries.

For complete listing of our products and more details, please write to us.

Atrimed is an equal-opportunity employer. All employees are treated with the same respect and consideration irrespective of their religion, caste, creed, nationality and sex. The growth chart in the company is carefully formulated to provide equal opportunities to all, to create greater exposure and to facilitate positive development.

"ATRIMED is a people-friendly organization with employee-centric policies."

"Every one is a performer at ATRIMED"

The people at ATRIMED not only work to fulfill the company goals but also work for themselves. Every endeavor of ATRIMED is supported and successfully completed by is people.