Export is one of the vital business segments of ATRIMED. The product portfolios for export are mainly therapeutic herbal skincare, herbal functional foods, nutritional supplements and general herbal products.

We're committed to grow, to serve more customers and to constantly make our products and services even better. Operating throughout the world enables us to better understand the challenges that our customers face and to provide even better solutions.

We constantly seek to strengthen our presence, with a range specialty products in Russia, China, Malaysia, UAE, UK, Germany, USA and other markets across the world.

We possess the requisite expertise and experience to develop and innovate products which are effective and efficient.

The formulations for export have been exemplary in their efficacy and presentation. ATRIMED has adopted proprietary technologies to retain the therapeutic benefit while providing exceptional, aesthetic appeal. 

We offer over more than 70 unique formulations in the market. Many more are under progress. Our brilliant RnD & FnD team can customize our products retaining the efficacy. We have the ability to develop new products to suit your unique market needs.

ATRIMED exports its own brands as well as creates brands for overseas clients. We are looking for making fruitful partnerships with firms which have a good track- record in similar lines of business.


Scurfol Topical

Moish Lotion

Prunilol Capsules