Spazex Syrup

Long awaited mast cell stabilizer for bronchial asthma specially formulated for children.

SPAZEX syrup is a novel mast cell stabilizer with syrupy base specially formulated for children suffering from bronchial asthma. SPAZEX prevents the bronchial hypersensitivity through mast cell stabilization. It provides immediate relief by relieving bronchospasm, associated cough and by reducing airway inflammation. SPAZEX syrup also assists expectoration & there by reduces chest discomfort & facilitates easy breathing. SPAZEX boosts immunity, and eases chronic bronchitis & other recurrent respiratory allergies.

Solanum surattence (Kantakari), Tylophora indica (Latha ksheeri), Aegle marmelos (Bilva), Premna serratifolia (Agnimantha), Oroxylum indicum (Syonaka), Stereospermum colais (Patala), Gmelina arborea (Gambhari), Pseudarthria viscida (Shalaparni), Desmodium gangeticum (Prsniparni), Solanum indicum(Brhati ), Tribulus terrestris (Goksura), Dioscorea bulbifera (Varahikanda), Pueraria tuberosa (Vidarikanda), Sugar.

Bronchial asthma, Chronic bronchitis & other respiratory allergies.

5-10 ml 2-3 times daily.


As directed by your physician.

Disclaimer: The information on this page is a general product detail and not an alternative to medical advice from a professional health-care provider.