Research and development


Research and development is an on-going process at ATRIMED. The research at ATRIMED is focused on finding new therapeutic molecules and improving upon the existing ones for greater efficacy and acceptance.

ATRIMED has created a new library of therapeutically effective molecules of plant origin. A dedicated clinical research team is creating evidence with scientific vigor. Various molecules are at different developmental stages. ATRIMED has already provided breakthrough remedies in treating Psoriasis and Acne.

The development laboratory has produced one of the best products in each segment. The team has achieved the rare feat of developing products, which improve patient compliance while retaining therapeutic efficiency.

Our deep insight into ancient knowledge and expertise in human physiology, diseases and plant chemistry has given us an ability to develop unique molecules from herbal sources for intellectual property rights. We own multiple patents, copyrights and trademarks.

ATRIMED has an edge over the others. We use modern tools to sift through 5000 years old wisdom of Ayurveda. We have developed a proprietary software engine, which gives us a penetrating view of cryptic ancient knowledge and maps it to currently used lexicon. We validate old concepts through modern methods, which include lab tests and clinical trials in collaboration with highly reputed independent medical research centers and hospitals. We are thus able to translate old into new and fuse them.

We offer over more than 70 unique formulations in the market. Many more are under progress. Our brilliant RnD & FnD team can customize our products retaining the efficacy. We have the ability to develop new products to suit your unique market needs.

ATRIMED is planning for a new state of the art R & D center where the best brains in the industry will work under the same roof.

Quality Control

Quality control and quality assurance are reflected in all products of ATRIMED. These are traits which are reflected not only in products but also among employees of ATRIMED. Carefully drafted quality control measures and policies ensure that the products reach the shelf adhering to prescribed standards. 

The systems to ensure quality are frequently upgraded in our factory to be at par with the contemporary standards. The actives, the packing materials, the manufacturing and the storage & transportation methods are taken utmost care at every step. In fact an ATRIMED product reaches shelf only after getting scrutinized several times. 

ATRIMED uses the highest quality natural organic raw materials and follows the highest international standards of manufacturing. Our products contain no heavy metals, pesticides and no microbial contaminants. All our products undergo heavy scrutiny at certified independent laboratories. Only after these stringent scrutiny procedures our products reach the market assured to be safe and effective.

We are encouraged by constant positive feedback we receive from doctors and consumers regarding the efficacy, consistency and presentation of our products.


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