Atrimed is a pharmaceutical and biotech company, working on plant-based molecules for diseases like Psoriasis, Acne, Pain management. Taking clue from traditional medicine, folklore practices and internal knowledge base created with computer-aided drug design and artificial intelligence, Atrimed has developed products for itchy, flaky skin in Psoriasis, Eczema & other disorders involving hyperkeratosis.

Ayurveda is a codified knowledge base, which is practiced in India for centuries. Atrimed has computerized the textbooks of Ayurveda and created a self-learning engine which produces leads for diseases like skincare, diabetes & Circulation.

There are about 45000 plant species in India 8000 of them have a reference of medicinal use. To study biological activity of all plants against Psoriasis, Acne and pain management, Atrimed created a library of plant molecules, which is probably the biggest in the world. Using advanced computing tools, these molecules are screened for their ability to block IL17, IL23, TNF alfa, PDE4 etc. Several leads have been generated from phytochemicals which are later tried in vitro, in vivo & Clinical Trials.

Atrimed has launched cream as well as orals for Psoriasis, Acne and Pain management. Atrimed is also working on adopting new technologies to prevent systemic absorption of topical for Psoriasis and Acne.

We Are Atrimed

Atrimed Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

Atrimed is the pioneer for developing medicines from plants through biotechnology. What started out as an attempt to provide scientific backing to traditional medicine, is now home to the world’s largest database of plant molecules. Since 2003, we have been working in this field through a critical process to discover, refine and test out the safety and efficiency of plant-based medicines.

We do not spare any resource for our research and integrate new technology and methods when available. Molecular biology, biochemistry, Artificial Intelligence and biostatistics are just some of the disciplines our team excels at. We use advanced simulations to identify, isolate various effective molecules and study these molecules in vitro for safety and efficiency. We then send out for clinical trials to various reputed institutions all over the world, before launching a product.

We provide you with complete well-being with multiple products, proven to be more effective in clinical trials, than the market leaders.

Skin & Hair Care

Skin and our confidence are very often correlated. And taking care of our skin should be a priority for each of us. It’s just not about how we look, it’s one of the five sensory organs of our body and needs to be kept healthy. It is our skin that protects us from all the elements, and we should take precautions and treatment to counter these effects. We specialise in products which nourish and treat various skin conditions like acne, psoriasis and eczema. In fact, clinical trials have proven our products to be better than the current market leaders. [Read more…]

Hair is rather unique. It’s an extension of our skin which has very different characteristics than the skin itself. There are two important parts when taking care of hair. One is the hair follicles, which are the source of growth for existing hair and the genesis of new hair. Second, is the shaft of the hair, the part which we consider as hair. Nourishment is important for both. But, the kind of nourishment each needs is different. We take care of all such factors when developing our product for hair care.  [Read more…]

Mother & Child Care

Women are gifted with special needs for their health and nutrition. The need for iron, calcium, folic acid is well known. So is the maintenance of the complex hormonal balance for which nutritional supplements are critical. At Atrimed, we have designed nutritional products to empower a woman with the physical and mental strength to remain self-sufficient to overcome all the challenges. We have products to cure iron-deficiency, combat osteoporosis and maintain muscular strength. Our speciality products cater to demands of pregnancy also.

Children have special needs too. They need the right kind of protein, vitamin and energy supplement to grow. Swift detection and prompt treatment prevent permanent effects on physical and mental health. We tailor our products to deliver additional nutrients to enhance the growth in childhood and teenage years. We have products to improve appetite, increase height, weight and improve mental strength

[

Pain & Bone

Pain is a gift that evolution gave us to indicate when and where something goes wrong with our body. But, sometimes pain itself becomes a hindrance to our daily activities. It needs prompt and thorough treatment. Treatment modalities employed would consist curing the cause itself as well as symptomatic relief of the pain helping us continue our life and work smoothly. We at Atrimed are constantly in search of various treatments to better alleviate These symptoms.

Bones are what form the basis on how we look, move and function. The skeleton forms the scaffolding on which our muscles act to give us movement. Healthy bones and joints are critical to our functionality and productivity. Good nutrition, especially minerals like calcium and vitamin D are needed to maintain them and any deficiencies need to be corrected through fortified supplements. We make sure that our products are easy to use and effective in correcting any deficiencies.

[Read more…]

Nutrition, Metabolism and Allergies

Food sustains us. Providing us energy, essentials minerals, protein for building and repairing our body, vitamins which catalyse and enable various biological processes in our body. Sometimes, due to a lot of environmental and biological factors. We need to reinforce our regular food with reliable and proven supplements to compensate for any shortages in the nutritional components our bodies need. The food we take is metabolised in our body through various cascades of biochemical processes to release energy and build the components needed to repair and growth our bodies. We have several specialised products which cater to the nutritional needs as well as metabolic requirements of our body. [Read more…]





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