Who We Are


Atrimed Pharmaceuticals is a 15-year-old company located in Bangalore, India. We are growing rapidly with a sales network backed by effective products and strong R&D. We are a pioneer in developing medicines from plants using biotechnology. We work with small molecules. We have a unique method, which fastens, the ‘bench to IP’ for targets involved in various disease development. Our major focus is on skin care and pain management as far as in house research is concerned. But we also work as vendors of small molecules for collaborative research.

Our Strength:-

conceptualization, In-silico modeling, Chem-informatics, ADME, In-vitro, in vivo studies, animal studies and synthetic chemistry.



Atrimed Speciality

Our research-based on latest technologies!

Big Data

Atrimed big data
  • We have a GUI mode search engine built on the concepts of AI to meet our extensive data mining requirements with less time and more meaningful data.
  • We have a Java-based search engine which can meaningfully sort the curated data and keep our knowledge base.
  • We also have a facility to suggest all possible synthetic pathways for given molecules.


  • We have the world’s largest database on plant molecules. On a weekly basis, we update our database with carefully curated data.
  • This database gives us a vast amount of possible molecules for a disease target.
  • This also helps us to understand the best suitable moieties for a target.
  • It also helps us to understand the best scaffold to make the molecule.
Atrimed Databases

Plant chemistry

  • The screened molecules were isolated from corresponding plants at different polarity gradients using multiple polar solvents and separation was achieved using an appropriate solvent system for chromatography.
  • Further, the isolates were evaluated in vitro for the intended desired activity.
  • The molecules in an isolate which meets the expected activity threshold were evaluated for chemical synthesis feasibility.


  • We have a fully functional biotech lab equipped for cutting edge research in immunology, molecular biology, proteomics, and cell biology
  •  We screen small molecules, that are previously isolated from organic sources or chemically synthesized, in various in vitro assays to validate theirs in the silicon activity.
  • In vitro validated molecules are then tested in vivo disease models Our basic science work involves Inflammatory pathways and immune-modulation.

Cheminformatics tools

  • We own a small molecule library of more than 3L phytoconstituents present in medicinal plants.
  • Towards a better understanding of the science behind each plant being used in Ayurvedic practice, we are employing highly reliable and efficient molecular modeling tools.
  • This cheminformatics based approach is significantly easing and fastening the process of drug discovery and delivering us the virtual understanding on drug-target interactions in a better way.

Our area of interest

Our basic science work involves Inflammatory pathways and immune-modulation. Our areas of interest are: therapeutic skin care, therapeutic nutrition, adjuvants for cancer and neglected diseases. We are participating in the Bio 2019 convention to look for like-minded collaborators from both academia and industry, licensing partners for our products already launched, and for investors to help us further our cutting-edge journey.

We are looking for:

1.Distributors for our products all over the world :

  • We have 5 products selling in over 40 countries.
  • We have been selling over 50 products in India for a few years.

2. Collaborators for research and licensing :

  •  We have a large library of over 400,000 molecules from plants.
  • We have an IPR pipeline at various stages of development.

3. Investors to expand the business rapidly :

  • We are a profitable company with mature products, worldwide distributors, sales force and online sales.
  • We are looking for investors to expand market penetration and develop new products.