Atrimed Plant Scientists


To participate in the competition, you must be an undergraduate student, currently pursuing an internship (House-surgeon). Co-authors are allowed.

Subject for protocol

a) Any Atrimed product, individually or in combination

b) Basic Principles of Ayurveda

c) Ekamoolika Dravya Prayoga

d) Any novel idea that is unique

Stage – 1

a) Supervisor/ Guide/ Faculty advisor of the work may not be enlisted as co-authors for the competition; the Supervisor/ Guide/Faculty advisor can be any expert belonging to the science stream.

b) Abstract of the protocol containing Aim, Objective, Methodology, Tentative Conclusion should be submitted initially. The extended abstract must not exceed 2 pages, including all text, appendices, and figures. An additional third page is permitted only if it contains only references. The font should be Times New Roman- point size 12. Margins of 1 inch (2.5cm) all around.

c) Protocols must be submitted in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format.

e) The title page must include the author’s name, expected graduation date (month/year), faculty advisor’s name, institutional affiliation, and email address. The title page is not included in the page limit.

d) Submitted protocols will be reviewed by the Expert Panel and selected protocols’ titles and author’s names will be displayed on our website within a fortnight of the final date of preliminary submission.

Stage – 2

a) Authors of selected protocols are to submit the detailed research protocol of the paper comprising of Aims, Objectives, Hypothesis, Methods, Statistical Analysis, Ethical Consideration, Confidentiality, Bibliography, Appendices, and Annexures as mentioned below.

b) Detailed research protocol should be no longer than 20 pages. Page limits include all charts/ graphs, references, and appendices. The font should be Times New Roman- point size 12. Margins of 1 inch (2.5cm) all around. Protocols must be submitted in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format.

c) An abstract of no more than 150 words must follow the title page. Title and abstract pages are not included in page limits.

d) Page header and/or footers should contain page numbers and a shortened title of the paper. They are not to include the name of his/her institution.

e) Protocols will again be submitted to the expert panel for the selection of an admirable project.

f) Selected protocols’ titles and author’s name will be displayed on our website within a fortnight of the final date of Stage II submission.

i) After declaring the selected protocols, authors are to visually present their paper online before our expert panel for final selection.


Our expert panel of scientists will choose 3 research protocols for funding. The results will be declared on our website and concerned personnel will be intimated accordingly. Funding will be done as tranche payments. Each project will be funded up to Rs 1,00,000. After the successful completion of the project, awardees will be invited to visit our institution for felicitation. Our expert panel of scientists will be comprised of Clinical Pharmacologist, Research Pharmacologist, Ayurvedic doctors, Ayurvedic Researchers and Animal Trial specialists. The expert panel will select the eligible research protocol independently, based on the merits and feasibility of the project. The decision of the Expert Panel is to be considered final. Atrimed Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. will have no influence on the decision taken by the Expert Panel. The Intellectual Property Rights of the research outcome will be shared jointly between the Author and Atrimed Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

Our expert panel for this year: I) Dr Pratibha Naadig, Professor and Head, Pharmacology, CDSIMER, Bengaluru 2) Dr L. N. Shenoy, Assistant Director, GARC, Mysore. 3) Dr Suresh Kumar, Ayurveda Physician, Triveni Nursing Home, Trivandrum.

Record keeping and Data handling:

The progress of the selected project is to be declared once a week on our websites. Our scientists are available for any guidance throughout the process. All steps involved in data management should be documented in order to allow step-by-step retrospective assessment of data quality and study performance for the purpose of audit following the SOPs facilitates documentation. Documentation of SOPs should include details of checklists and forms giving details of actions taken, dates and the individuals responsible, etc. All corrections in the study-related documents should be made in a way that does not obscure the original entry. The correct data should be inserted with the reason for the correction if such a reason is not obvious. The correction should carry the date and initials of the investigator or the authorized person.

Annexure (applicable only to Protocols selected for Stage 2)

The following annexes are to be attached at the end of the protocol:

a)Informed consent form.

b) Study questionnaire (copies of any questionnaires or draft questionnaires).

c) Case Record Form (CRFs).

d) The research plan and duration of time (max. 6 months).

e) Budget details.

f) Curriculum Vitae (CV) of the chief investigator and co-investigator and their role in the study. It will ensure that the role of each investigator is well-defined.