Lecture series on developing plant based
anti-viral drugs.

This series is specially designed to help medical professionals explore the  frontiers of health science and get the latest updates in the field of plant based drug research and drug development.

Virus structure and
classification made easy.
Anti Viral strategies.
Examples based on Covid.
Immunity: An overview.
Virus specific immune responses.
Latest findings in pathology
of Covid patients.

Lectures by

Dr. Shiban Ganju
Founder and Chairman

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An AIIMS Delhi graduate certified by American Board of Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology, Dr Shiban Ganju has a large body of published work in scientific journals and his articles have appeared in Mail Today, 3Quarksdaily and The Seminar, among other publications. He has long been associated with public health, which has given him a deep insight into the unmet needs of the under-served market. He is the founder of ‘Save A Mother’, a healthcare NGO which has been working in 1500 Indian villages since 2008.
A string of formidable positions at various healthcare disciplines in India and USA have honed Dr Shiban’s lifelong dedication to the medical profession. Formerly a consultant at the University of Chicago Ingalls Hospital and Advocate Healthcare, Illinois, Dr Shiban was prior to that position, the CEO of Reliance Health & Technology, Director of Prakriya Hospitals, Adviser to Innovatio Curis Inc. and other organizations. He was also the founder of the Indo-American Medical Association, Illinois. Besides participating in policy making and various think tanks, he has also served in the Indian army.

Dr. Hrishikesh Damle
Founder and CEO

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A trained Ayurvedic physician with postgraduate degrees in plant pharmacology and clinical pharmacology, Dr. Hrishikesh Damle is a self-learner and an original thinker and very passionate about science. He quit his well-paying job to pursue his dream of new drug discovery from plant molecules. A team of bright scientists integrated advanced computing with an embedded AI system to cull knowledge from ancient medical practices and modern science hence a world class lab dedicated to avant grade plant science based medical innovations. His intuitive leadership, great management skills and entrepreneurship laced with professionalism has taken Atrimed across the globe.

Dr. Latha Damle
Chief Scientific Officer

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An Ayurvedic Physician with a Masters Degree in Plant Pharmacology and a Post-Doctoral fellowship at Toyama Medical and Pharmaceutical University, Japan – besides scholarly expertise in Ancient Scriptures are a few of the reasons Dr.Latha Damle easily dons the hat of Chief Scientific Officer at Atrimed.

Her studies in biological activity in complimentary molecules propelled the insightful research which concluded that poly molecular therapy is far more effective than single molecule therapy. Her deep understanding of phytochemistry has helped establish the most effective plant material collection times besides the development of new methods of extraction of unique chemicals from them, their standardization and measurement of their presence in the final product. Her intensive research and meticulous documentation has contributed immensely to the growth of unique and effective natural products.

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    Atrimed Pharmaceuticals is a 15 year-old company located in Bangalore, India. We are growing rapidly with a sales network backed by effective products and strong R&D.

    A very proud moment for ATRIMED.

    Dr Latha Damle

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    Could you give us a brief of Atrimed and your journey in Karnataka?

    Atrimed Biotech is the company that I founded with the support and help……

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    Atrimed Biotech: Traditional Knowledge, Modern Pharmaceutical Solutions :

    Ancient India was a land of wisdom and is said to be much advanced than the civilization today is. Ayurveda or the system of medicine is just one of many advanced practices that were prevalent.

    Company Updates

    Atrimed Pharmaceuticals is a 15-year-old company located in Bangalore, India. We are growing rapidly with a sales network backed by effective products and strong R&D.


    Atrimed Biotech: Working on Plant Molecules for Treatment of Psoriasis, Acne, and Arthritis by INSIGHTSCARE…
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