Dr.Hrishikesh Damle
Founder and CEO, Atrimed
Dr. Hrishikesh Damle
Founder and CEO, Atrimed

Dr Hrishikesh Damle is the founder, CEO and Managing Director of Atrimed. He is a physician, trained in Ayurveda with post-graduation degrees in plant pharmacology and clinical pharmacology. He quit his well-established medical practice to pursue entrepreneurship in 2003.

Dr Damle, with passion for science and infectious optimism, assembled scientists of multiple disciplines under one umbrella to achieve a common objective: new drug discovery from plant molecules.

The scientific team under his leadership has integrated advanced computing with an embedded AI system to cull knowledge from biology and centuries-old cultural practices. This unique integration has led to a world-class lab dedicated to drug development from Phyto-molecules.

A spontaneous intuitive leader, who doesn’t use a script on management practices, he has built an ethical organization with professionalism. Dr Damle has established various departments for formulation, production, sales and marketing  of Atrimed Pharmaceuticals. With good interpersonal skills and obsession for quality control, he has taken Atrimed across the globe in over 40 countries. 

Dr Damle is a self-learner, an original thinker with deep understanding of evolution, which he uses for ideation. Exuding loads of positive energy, Dr Damle believes, Atrimed will transform the landscape of plant based medicine.