Dr. Latha Damle
Chief Scientific Officer, Atrimed

Dr Latha Damle is the director and Chief Scientific Officer at Atrimed. She is an Ayurvedic physician with post graduate degree in plant pharmacology and a post- doctoral fellowship at Toyama Medical and Pharmaceutical University, Toyama, Japan.

Her research is propelled by her insight that therapeutically effectiveness cannot be attributed to one molecule but to a combination of multiple complimentary molecules, also known as Poly-pharmacology.  She studies the biological activity of complimentary molecules.

She has developed new methods of extraction of unique chemicals from plants, their standardization and measurement of their presence in the final product. Dr Latha, with her understanding of plant chemistry, knows that the time of collection of plant material and  parts of the plants to be used for optimum extraction are of prime importance. With her background in clinical pharmacology, she has evaluated the efficacy of these Phyto-molecules against various diseases.

Dr Latha has been an outstanding, meritorious student of ancient textbooks. Her dedication to keen observation, pursuitof science, appetite for hard work, unbiased research and meticulous documentation has contributed significantly to the growth of the unique products of Atrimed.