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Nature is the giver, the nurturer, the mother. We have always known this. Our food, some of our most prized building materials and even the fabric for our garments comes from nature. Yes, we have synthetic alternatives for some. But, the material that nature provides sometimes have no replacement. This applies to medicines as well. Many known medicines, which have worked against many diseases are just brushing the surface of the possibilities. We believe plants are chemical factories perfectly in sync with the ecology of our planet. These amazing chemical factories need responsible exploration.

We at Atrimed are precisely into this: Result oriented research through plant biotechnology, using modern tools under strict scientific methods to help you care for yourself.

Atrimed is a pioneer in plant biotechnology for health. And we don’t make this claim lightly.

We have built the world’s largest virtual library of plant molecules.

And there are 3 Million plant molecules! 

Can you imagine the possibilities? That’s 3 Million plant molecules that can potentially interact with estimated 40,000 proteins in our bodies. To study these possibilities is a gargantuan task! We use artificial intelligence, machine learning, bioinformatics and biostatistics to narrow down these possibilities to the potentially useful ones. We isolate the potentially useful plant molecules and test them against the diseases. Isolated molecules, which show positive results are then thoroughly tested for safety. We then send them for clinical trials to various reputed institutions around the world. 

And the result: we have many products, which have proven better than the market leaders.

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