Mother is a special term. It denotes the ability of the woman to create. The gift of motherhood comes with responsibilities as well as special needs when it comes to health and nutrition. The complicated yet well coordinated hormonal surges and dips in a woman are responsible for maintaining the menstrual cycle which is a key component of her fertility. Nutritional supplements are critical in this day and time when a woman work equal to or more than their male counterparts. All this while fulfiling the gender role of being a mother.

Our Products Aim at strengthening the current generation woman to remain efficient and self-sufficient despite all the challenges she faces. We have specific treatments targetted at improving iron deficiency, combating osteoporosis as well as protein supplements. Some of our products are also designed for phases increased stress and physiological demands like teenage and pregnancy.

Children are our future. Whatever happens to them reflects on our future society. Any health issues must be swiftly detected and promptly treated as some of these are permanent effects or the physical and mental health of the child. Children as know grow quickly and thus need the right kind of protein, vitamin and energy supplements at the right time. We tailor our products to deliver the additional nutrition needed during various phases of growth.