Natural solutions for a marvelous you- Plant Science

Natural solutions for a marvelous you- Plant Science

Atrimed believes that the nature has cure for each and every human ailment that is side-effect free as well; we just need to unlock that cure. Atrimed has taken it upon itself to decode these secrets and has created a library of 3 million plant molecules to study the possible cures. They use artificial intelligence; machine learning, bioinformatics and biostatistics to narrow down possibilities then potentially useful plant molecules are isolated and tested against the diseases. Isolated molecules, which show positive results are then thoroughly tested for safety and sent them for clinical trials to various reputed institutions around the world. This results in wonderful and effective products.

Plant Science anti-blemish facewash

Plant Science face wash contains enriched bioactive flavonoid complexes from Neem, Citrus and Vetiver to keep your skin healthy, glowing and young. These Bioactive flavonoid complexes are widely reported for antimicrobial, anti inflammatory & anti aging activities. Skin friendly formulation protects the skin health while fighting against germs. Plant Science face wash removes dead cells, excessive oil & other dirt on the skin surface. Plant Science face wash is an innovative product that offers antimicrobial protection and prevents other skin blemishes.

Plant Science hand-sanitizers

Plant Science hand sanitiser contains active molecules from Neem and Tulasi and has proven to have powerful anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. The hand sanitizer produced by Atrimed adheres to W.H.O. guidelines for effectiveness, but adds key anti-microbial properties based on Atrimed’s state-of-the-art Plant Science research.
The unique formula also keeps your hand from drying after repeated use, unlike other sanitisers in the market.

Plant Science anti-dandruff shampoo

Plant Science shampoo formulated with Antimicrobial peptides & proteins from Aloe, Green gram & Wheat offers you complete protection against common microbes on the scalp & hair. This effective formula with herbal ingredients deep cleanses the scalp and hair while leaving your hair soft, silky and frizz free. As it nourishes the hair with natural proteins, Plant Science shampoo is a perfect choice for all types of hair.

Plant Science anti-blemish cream

Plant Science hyper-pigmentation cream