Plant Science

Plant Science

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Bees too have addiction to coffee..

Just like us, bees are addicted to caffeine as well and hence they return to the same plants when flowers bloom. When you think about this, the plants are actually controlling the way their seeds and pollen are sent out to regenerate and thereby attracting the bees. Isn’t it interesting to see how a small plant can be so smart to do that? ……………. Read More

7 reasons why trusting Nature is better than Chemicals for Medicines

Most people, when they feel sick, pop a chemical pill or a pack of it and wait for the sickness to fade for the time being. But do you realize that the thing that you just gulped down your throat might have significant side-effects? It may give temporary cure but can rile up your body for a long time without you even knowing about it……………………. Read More

Exploring the medicinal solutions in plants

Medicinal Plants have been used from prehistoric times as a preliminary and effective cure for various kinds of illnesses and diseases when pharmaceuticals were not yet still developed……………….. Read More

More life in plants than animal!

Do you know why working with plants excites us? Almost 90% of the Earth’s Biomass is of plants……………. Read More

Plants can regenerate, why don’t we?

Did you know that most plants can regrow even when 90% of their biomass gets destroyed? ….. Read More

Coconut water cleaner than bottled water

Nature can be really amazing when you try to understand the complex mechanisms that are hidden in our plain sight……. Read More

Some animals can use chlorophyll to generate energy #PlantScienceFacts

Did you know that some animals use chlorophyll to generate energy?……… Read More

Ants help pollinate just like bees #PlantScienceFacts

Did you know ants have a symbiotic relation with plants and help in pollination?……. Read More

Can plants feel touch?

We all think plants are gentle and believe that they respond to human touch. Some Australian scientists have found evidence that they can feel the touch…….. Read More

Can Plants Hear?

Many pseudoscientific claims from the devotees and the researchers alike have been around for many years, but there hasn’t been enough evidence to back it up…….. Read More