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Atrimed Plant Science Anti Microbial Face Wash

  • Plant Science face wash contains enriched bioactive flavonoid complexes from Neem, Citrus, and Vetiver to keep your skin healthy, glowing, and young.
  • These Bioactive flavonoid complexes are widely reported for antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory & anti-aging activities.
  • Skin-friendly formulation protects skin health while fighting against germs.
  • Plant Science face wash removes dead cells, excessive oil & other dirt on the skin surface.
  • Plant Science face wash is an innovative product that offers antimicrobial protection and prevents other skin blemishes.

Plant Science Recipe

You will agree with us that Orange is the most vulnerable fruit in nature. Who doesn’t like sweet juicy pulp which should be the favorite of insects, worms, bacteria, and fungus?

In fact, the peel of orange and lemon is one of the softest. The real warriors which protect citrus fruits are a set of chemicals called Flavonoid complexes. These complexes can kill commonly infecting germs. We exploited this fact and added citrus peel in our facewash and made it antimicrobial. With out-of-the-box thinking about nature's solutions and the application of science, we create products. You are delivered with “Efficacy of science & safety of Nature”. This is very important during these COVID times.

Atrimed Herbal Hand Sanitizer

  • Plant Science hand sanitizer contains active molecules from Neem and Tulasi and has proven to have powerful anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties.
  • The hand sanitizer produced by Atrimed adheres to W.H.O. guidelines for effectiveness but adds key anti-microbial properties based on Atrimed’s state-of-the-art Plant Science research.
  • The unique formula also keeps your hand from drying after repeated use, unlike other sanitizers in the market.

Plant Science Recipe

Hand sanitisers are one of the essential products at all places. The main ingredient of sanitiser is Alcohol. Unfortunately alcohol in the moisturiser can lead to acute dermatitis, peeling of the skin and severe dryness. This could happen also due to other chemicals in the hand sanitiser. The other problem with sanitiser is foul smell which alcohol emits. We solved this issue with natural oils. Thulasi and neem oils can prevent damage to your skin. These oils can also elevate foul smell of sanitiser. This is the only sanitiser, which you can apply and you are ready to start lunch or attend a meeting. ReplyReply AllForwardEdit as new

Anti-dandruff shampoo

  • Plant Science shampoo formulated with Antimicrobial peptides & proteins from Aloe, Green gram & Wheat offers you complete protection against common microbes on the scalp & hair.
  • This effective formula with herbal ingredients deep cleanses the scalp and hair while leaving your hair soft, silky, and frizz-free.
  • As it nourishes the hair with natural proteins, Plant Science shampoo is a perfect choice for all types of hair.

Plant Science Recipe

Different plants have different strategies to save themselves from herbivores and infections. One of the amazing way they fight with insects, bacteria & funguses is by secreting bioactive peptides and proteins.

Have you wondered how a vegetable handing on a creeper or Sitting on the mud in the farm can survive in nature?

We have used Vigna (Greengram), Triticum (Wheat) and Aloe Vera as fresh and formulated a shampoo preserving these antimicrobial peptides and proteins.  Ur antimicrobial Protein shampoo can give you protection from infection during these pandemic times. Nature has many secrets and we are committed to giving them to you.

Thus our products have the “Efficacy of science and the safety of Nature".

Skin & Hair Care

Moish Herbal Moisturizer

  • Effective herbal moisturizer
  • Deep moisturizing effect
  • Serves as a natural emollient
  • Forms a protective barrier on the skin

Aclear Anti-acne cream

  • ACLEAR topical begins to reduce inflammation, redness and pain associated with acne within 24-48 hrs of its application.
  • ACLEAR topical with its non-comedogenic activity prevents the formation of white heads & black heads.
  • ACLEAR topical prevents scar formation, smoothens skin and brings back the original glow.

Denz & Darc Herbal Therapeutic Shampoo

  • The first herbal therapeutic shampoo that creams your hair.
  • Denz & Darc shampoo is enriched with Hibiscus & Aloe-vera.
  • Hibiscus promotes hair growth by enlargement of follicular size and prevents early graying.
  • Aloe-vera facilitates the penetration of the nutrients to the hair bulb and strengthens the hair root.
  • Overall Denz & Darc shampoo exerts a localized influence on the progress of the hair development cycle and protects the natural hair color & luster.

Atrimed Denz & Darc Hair Oil

  • Denz & Darc Oil ensures complete nourishment to the hair root by providing proteins and vitamins required for hair growth, by increasing blood circulation to the scalp, and thus nourishing the cells responsible for keratin synthesis.
  • Denz & Darc improves hair color naturally by reaching the hair cortex & imparting color.

Atrimed Scurfol anti-dandruff shampoo

  • Effective from the very first application
  • Non-sticky & easy to wash

Atrimed Trichoderm Topical

  • All types of superficial fungal infections like tinea cruris, tinea barbae, tinea versicolor, tinea pedis & candidiasis.

ATRIMED Atrisor Herbal Shampoo

  • Effective to control sever dandruff
  • Reduces dryness of scalp
  • Controls itching of scalp and reduces flaking.
  • It is suitable for all hair types and sensitive scalp.

Atrimed Atrisor Moisturizer for Psoriasis, Dry, Itchy, Flaky Skin

  • Effective moisturizing lotion for dry, itchy and flaky skin.

ATRIMED Sorion Cream | Natural Moisturizing Cream| With Neem and Turmeric | Now In India

  • Soothes and relieves dryness, scaling, and itching. | Helps to smoothen your dry skin.
  • maintains skin health and makes your skin feel comfortable.
  • Works against flakiness, redness, and irritation to restore the natural complexion.
  • Provides the nutrients needed to help reduce the dryness of skin and keep the skin hydrated.
  • Naturally and gently softens the roughest, dry areas.