Research forms the core of all the work done at Atrimed; be it discovering new therapeutic plant molecules to create effective products or enhancing the efficacy of the existing one. The world’s largest library of isolated plant molecules that is expanding by the day is the result of exhaustive research by Atrimed. Their deep insight into ancient medicines, vast knowledge of plant chemistry and state of the art laboratories, along with a diverse scientists’ pool having extensive experience in the fields of biotechnology, phytochemistry, bioinformatics and synthetic chemistry, helps them to authenticate the ancient medicinal knowledge.

Scientific Process at Atrimed

Principal focus

Our current areas of interest are:

  • Inflammatory disorders  of the skin
  • Auto-immune disorders
  • Immune-modulators
  • Therapeutic nutrition
  • Orphan and tropical diseases
  • Unknown pearls from traditional knowledge

Atrimed collaborates with academic institutions in India and abroad. We work with other companies to do cutting edge fundamental work. We also collaborate with several renowned research centers and hospitals for clinical trials.

Atrimed has received several awards for its R&D. We have earned patents for several new therapeutic molecules (NCE) and more are in the pipeline.

Safe & Effective Therapeutic Range of Products By Plant Science

Atrimed Pharmaceuticals is a 15 year-old company located in Bangalore, India. We are growing rapidly with a sales network backed by effective products and strong R&D.

A very proud moment for ATRIMED.

Dr Latha Damle

Dr. Latha Damle featured in the first issues of the newsletter by the Dept of Industries & Commerce, GOK, Invest Karnataka.

Could you give us a brief of Atrimed and your journey in Karnataka?

Atrimed Biotech is the company that I founded with the support and help……

The Most Promising Biotech Companies in India

Atrimed Biotech: Traditional Knowledge, Modern Pharmaceutical Solutions :

Ancient India was a land of wisdom and is said to be much advanced than the civilization today is. Ayurveda or the system of medicine is just one of many advanced practices that were prevalent.

Company Updates

Atrimed Pharmaceuticals is a 15-year-old company located in Bangalore, India. We are growing rapidly with a sales network backed by effective products and strong R&D.


Atrimed Biotech: Working on Plant Molecules for Treatment of Psoriasis, Acne, and Arthritis by INSIGHTSCARE…
Science has reached a bottleneck in finding small molecules in therapeutics for many diseases.

Atrimed Pharma has a plant-based cure for psoriasis and more… by THEWEEK….
Humans shed about 30,000 to 40,000 dead skin cells every hour. In some people, the cells fall off faster, even before they are dead. The fallen cells are replaced by new cells…..