Dept. of Chemistry

Department of Chemistry

Decoding Plant Science – molecule by molecule

The biology is about structures and functions mediated through chemical reactions. Enzymes, hormones, sugars and fatty acids are all important components of chemical reaction inside living organisms. It is true to humans, birds, animals and plants.

The basic metabolic pathways in plants and animals are very similar. The metabolism of glucose, protein and fats is fundamental to life along with utilization of trace elements, vitamins and other nutrients. The mutations in the basic pathways lead to a new type of sugar or protein or fat. If that mutation helps the living cell, it survives and continues in generations.

Plants have complex chemical reactions taking place at every second. The primary metabolites and secondary metabolites produced by them are essential in some way for survival. We at Atrimed understand the plant chemistry in detail and use it to create treatments for different human ailments by interacting them with human biochemistry because, when these chemicals interact with human biochemistry, they lead to biological activity.

We have the world’s largest library of chemical molecules from plant origin. Our computation chemistry team and tools work 24 hours and 365 days (since they are automated) to generate potential clues from plant molecules.

Dept of chemistry

Synthetic Chemistry

Synthesizing the molecules in the lab to test them in pure form is necessary for accurate results in biological experiments. We have a team of chemists who can synthesize molecules and provide for testing. Synthetic chemistry is another tool which needs to be deployed when we need to test molecules from rare and endangered plants.

Our teams are experts in precise understanding of solvents and methods to fractionate, isolate and purify plant molecules. The expertise has been developed by continuous effort and experimentation done through few decades.


The key to uniform efficacy of a product is strictly based on the uniformity of essential bioactive molecules in the preparation. The nature is variable and the plants at different places and different seasons produce variable amounts of molecules. At Atrimed, we have been able to standardize all our products using chemistry principles. Hence, products of Atrimed work across the seasons with uniform efficacy.


Safe & Effective Therapeutic Range of Products By Plant Science

Atrimed Pharmaceuticals is a 15 year-old company located in Bangalore, India. We are growing rapidly with a sales network backed by effective products and strong R&D.

A very proud moment for ATRIMED.

Dr Latha Damle

Dr. Latha Damle featured in the first issues of the newsletter by the Dept of Industries & Commerce, GOK, Invest Karnataka.

Could you give us a brief of Atrimed and your journey in Karnataka?

Atrimed Biotech is the company that I founded with the support and help……

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Atrimed Biotech: Traditional Knowledge, Modern Pharmaceutical Solutions :

Ancient India was a land of wisdom and is said to be much advanced than the civilization today is. Ayurveda or the system of medicine is just one of many advanced practices that were prevalent.

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Atrimed Pharmaceuticals is a 15-year-old company located in Bangalore, India. We are growing rapidly with a sales network backed by effective products and strong R&D.


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