Solution For Skin and Hair problems

As the largest and outermost organ of our body, the health of our skin affects our quality of life in a very fundamental way. By successfully isolating the curcumin, Azadirachtin and Anthrazine molecules, Atrimed has formulated break-through plant-based products like Atrisor that rescue skin from stigmatic illnesses like Psoriasis. Its cocos based tonics have been proven to provide genuine relief from dandruff. An effective treatment for acne was created through virtual profiling of skin in our lab and studying the cross talk between the proteins identified through gene mapping. While it's family of custom formulated tonics and topical creams, can provide remarkable nourishment to skin and hair.

Provides complete nutrition to hair roots, increases blood circulation to scalp thus nourishing the cells responsible for keratin synthesis

Instant remedy for dandruff, scaling, itching and

Moisturizes and nourishes dry, flaky and itchy skin due to psoriasis

Reduces dryness of scalp, controls dandruff and flaking of scalp due to psoriasis

Natural moisturizer that effectively sooths psoriasis lesions and dry, irritated skin

Reduces the inflammation and itching of skin, facilitates the shedding of dead skin

An effective treatment for black/white heads, pimples, pustules, scars and blemishes

An effective drug for the treatment of whiteheads, blackheads, pimples, pustules, cysts and nodular type of acne

Effective treatment for eczema

Effective immune-modulator for eczema and atopic dermatitis, facilitates early wound healing and prevents secondary infection

Exclusively formulated syrup for eczema/dermatitis in children

A potent and safe broad spectrum anti-fungal cream for all types of superficial fungal infections

Prevents hair fall, controls hair shaft damage and early greying of hair

Naturally moisturizes, rehydrates and nourishes the skin