Solution For Woman and Child Health Issues

Solution For Woman and Child health issues

As modern medicine discovers that women do indeed have special requirements from nutrition and healthcare, Atrimed is leading the way in female-centric nutritional research. By isolating Asparagus racemosus and combining it with Saraka asoca and Vitamin B12, and successfully extracting Folic acid and Cholin from Aloe vera, Atrimed Plant Science has equipped a generation of women with new age gender-specific health solutions with their natural supplements. From maintaining advanced hormonal balance, to combating iron deficiency, osteoporosis and maintaining muscular strength post-pregnancy, Atrimed products seek to support and empower our nation’s women.

Relieves pre-menstrual stress and calms the mind.

Retreve Capsule

Relief from menopausal hot flashes and mood swings.

Iron supplement with vitamin C & antioxidants.

M Ceaz Capsule

Controls excessive uterine bleeding, and regularizes menstrual cycles.

Motilact Capsule

Improves sperm count and relieves performance anxiety.

Appetite stimulant

Uterine tonic for menstrual issues

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