Story of an intern

My experience in Atrimed as an intern was very enlightening. As a 2nd year student pursuing Computer Science with Bioinformatics, I had very little knowledge about the real-life applications of the subject. Under the mentorship of Dr.Bharat, I was able to learn a variety of things, such as molecular docking, protein studies, and small molecule studies. I learned a small part of how to use molecular docking software, like Schrodinger. My experience with Atrimed was very pleasant. Though I was the youngest there, all of the staff members welcomed me with open arms. I did not feel out of place.

Atrimed’s research gave me an insight to the future applications of bioinformatics in drug discovery and next-generation sequencing. Their blending of ancient Ayurvedic medicines with modern bioinformatics techniques to enhance classical medicines really intrigued me. I look forward to pursuing more of these studies in my future and hope to work with Atrimed again.


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