The Blue in our logo

The Blue in our logo

Are we intrigued by the massiveness of the world around us? Ever wondered how to unravel the mystery in creation? Don’t you ponder about the vastness of the sky, the hidden puzzles in the depth of oceans waiting to be solved? With the right use of technology, being extremely patient, truthful, and applying them, we might be looking at discoveries that would change the way we look at ailments. At Atrimed, that is what drives us, the mystery, and the joy of putting pieces together for good use with science.

The colour blue represents the sky and the sea which reflects the broad spectrum of Atrimed Plant Science’s medicines and vision. Blue is the colour of dedication, trust, confidence, and faith. It symbolizes the dedication of the Company towards Plant Science and trust in ancient wisdom and the healing powers of nature. It shows like an undercurrent in the company. It depicts the confidence and faith of its Founders in the Science of Plants and of its customers. It represents the truth. It means our company is being truthful in its efforts and claims.#PlantScience#Atrimed ##HealingPowerofNature#Dedication#ancientWisdomPlant Science

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